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Dutch Baby

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This is what happens when a popover and a pancake have a baby.  If you like the eggyness and custardy consistency of crepes and popovers but want something a little more substantial then this is your ‘baby’.  They are also easy to make and look really impressive when serving them for brunch in front of
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Ham & Cheese Crescents

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An easy to make breakfast treat. You can whip these up for guests as they are easy to make in large batches and are sure to impress. Fun because you can use a variety of meats and cheeses so there will be a choice for everyone. Get creative but simplicity is key as you don’t
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Overnight Oatmeal

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A tasty, healthier, convenient way to make a breakfast staple.  Uncooked rolled oats will retain more of their beta glucan which may have a greater affect on fat metabolism and cholesterol (which is why we are eating this stuff in the first place right?) More info: https://www.healthline.c om/nutrition/raw-oats#benefits