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Beer Glazed Ham

Posted in : Holiday, Mains on by : Christine

It’s hard to find a ham that hasn’t been spiral sliced these days butt (pun intended) if you can please use it for this recipe . Beer Glazed Ham Print Recipe Beer Glazed Ham Print Recipe Share this Recipe   Powered byWP Ultimate Recipe

Roasted Red Peppers

Posted in : Condiment on by : Christine

I love roasted peppers, red, yellow, orange anything but green. (This will work with green peppers if that’s your thing tho.) You can eat these plain or marinate them as I have included here. I put them on salads, sandwiches, pasta, risotto, pizza or just eat them  out of the container. They get better a
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Savory Cranberry Sauce

Posted in : Holiday on by : Christine

This a savory, sweet, tart side dish to serve with any roasted meat any time of year. It also freezes well so don’t worry about leftovers, as if there will be any! If the shallots seem too daunting, or you burn them the first time like I did, or just don’t like them then omit them. The only things you really need to make cranberry sauce are cranberries water and sugar (recipe is on the back of the bag).

Orange Jalapeno Johnny Cake

Posted in : Sides on by : Christine

I know this is a box mix but it is my go to when I want quick and consistent, it doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap too.  I also like the fact that it is versatile and very forgiving for when I want to add my own touches to it like in my Orange Jalapeno concoction. 
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