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28 August, 2022


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Just pasta! Making pasta is really easier than you think so just jump in and try it. Even imperfect pasta still tastes good and wether you use a Kitchen Aid, food processor or go it al mano the dough don’t care. I love the blank canvas of a batch of dough and deciding what I
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26 August, 2022

Pasta by Louisville Tee

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I got this recipe from an on-line poker friend who happens to be a great cook. I like this recipe because you don’t have to separate eggs and the dough keeps well if you don’t use it all right away. It’s a little more hardy than some doughs I have tried but I like that
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6 June, 2022

Juicy Oven Baked Chicken and Fluffy Rice

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  This recipe I found for easy peasy chicken and rice I had to share. I always have some chicken thighs on hand and was looking for something quick and different than just roasting them solo and finding a side dish so I Googled "Baked chicken and rice" and found this terrific recipe on
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