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Just pasta! Making pasta is really easier than you think so just jump in and try it. Even imperfect pasta still tastes good and wether you use a Kitchen Aid, food processor or go it al mano the dough don’t care. I love the blank canvas of a batch of dough and deciding what I
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Pasta by Louisville Tee

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I got this recipe from an on-line poker friend who happens to be a great cook. I like this recipe because you don’t have to separate eggs and the dough keeps well if you don’t use it all right away. It’s a little more hardy than some doughs I have tried but I like that
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Dutch Baby

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This is what happens when a popover and a pancake have a baby.  If you like the eggyness and custardy consistency of crepes and popovers but want something a little more substantial then this is your ‘baby’.  They are also easy to make and look really impressive when serving them for brunch in front of
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Uncle Emanuele’s Fresh Ricotta

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  There is nothing like fresh ricotta that you make from scratch. It is so easy and only takes three ingredients. If you never thought you could make cheese at home here is your chance! Uncle Emanuele’s Fresh Ricotta Print Recipe Uncle Emanuele’s Fresh Ricotta Print Recipe Share this Recipe   Powered byWP Ultimate Recipe