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Quick Jalapeno Pickles

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Quick Jalapeno Pickles
Why buy when you can make quick, easy, fresh, pickled jalapenos yourself?
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  1. 3/4c - 1c water
  2. 3/4c - 1c white vinegar
  3. 7 - 10 fresh jalapenos, sliced
  4. 2 - 4 cloves garlic, peeled and lightly smashed
  5. 1T kosher salt
  6. 1T -3T sugar
  7. 2 - 3 bay leaves (opt)
  1. Slice the jalapenos to your desired thickness and discard the seeds and pith for less heat or leave for HOT. I like using the thin setting on my mandolin for most of them and slicing a couple of the jalapenos on the thick blade just for variety. Place the slices in a mason jar or any other clean jar you have that will hold all of them. Add the garlic and bay leaves. In a saucepan bring the water, vinegar, salt and sugar just to a simmer and stir until the solids dissolve. Remove from heat and carefully pour the hot liquid over the jalapenos. Make sure they are completely covered, if not add a little more equal parts water and vinegar. Let cool before covering and place in the refrigerator. Can be eaten right-away or stored for up to six months.
  1. The quantities called for are approximates because you may want to use more or less jalapenos and their sizes differ from day-to-day. Also the more sugar you use the less hot they will be as sugar counter acts the heat; Start with the lower amount, wait a day and a little more if they are too hot for you. Jalapenos will differ in their heat levels every time so this is not an exact science. You can add other veggies like carrots or cauliflower to the mix for more variety. For a different flavor use a tablespoon or two of pickling spice.
  2. You can also pickle them whole or halved lengthwise just brine them for a few days before enjoying.
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